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Transport Groupage International (TGI) is a leading freight forwarding and logistics company headquartered in Hong Kong. Since its inception in 1989, TGI has been world-famous for ocean transportation of containerized cargoes, air cargo services, and a broad range of comprehensive logistics services. From 1999 onwards, we have been developing the China market under the name of CASA China Ltd.

Our company takes it as our responsibility to meet the needs of clients. Based on our sound professional knowledge, we offer reliable, efficient, and custom-made freight management and supply chain solutions to them. At present, we have established more than 30 offices in China with 700-plus competent employees. Above all, our strong and long-term partnership with overseas agents operates throughout the world, enabling us to continually provide first-class, highly capable and adaptable services with a global reach.

CASA owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities in major ports of loading across China. We use our sound expertise in warehousing and inventory management with the aim of providing high-quality and cost-effective performance to our clients.

In addition, our company incorporates ocean, air, and land carriers in our diverse delivery solutions in order to fulfill the unique requirements of each and every client. By means of intermodal transportation, we offer maximum flexibility in routing for cargo distribution at a reduced transit time and a lower cost.

The service of buyer’s consolidation is also available from us. We co-ordinate the collection of different goods from various suppliers, combine them into full container loads, and deliver them to our client. This service enables the client to lower freight costs, shorten transit time, and reduce the number of shipments. With years of rich experience, we can handle the work in a most efficient manner and ensure on-time delivery of the cargoes to the proper destination in good condition.

We fully utilize a global network of agents to provide optimal logistics solutions for our multi-national clients in major cities around the world. They don’t have to spend countless hours on organizing the shipment of their goods. We can relieve them from such a heavy burden by arranging the transportation along the speediest route at the lowest possible cost.
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